Okay, enough reminiscing! Now is the only God and the only time is now!
It’s exactly one week until You Are Here begins, my first as a fully-blown producer. There are 110 events with six producers divvying up supervision between them, stretching across visual art, music, dance, theatre and decidedly more esoteric zones of endeavour. You can check out the full program at, but in the meantime I’ll zero in on the few events that are specifically ‘Nick’s Baby’.

Well, one, to take my obsession with short sets and micro-gigs to it’s logical conclusion. That’s a whole post in itself.

But primarily, it’s just another way to prove that cream of the ACT band crop can cut it no matter what crazy restrictions you put then under. This is going to be 8 stellar performances of 8 excellent songs. Any random foot-traffic punter will be giving it up for the talent on display, and that’s a fact.

And that’s really what’s going on here. There are still thousands of Canberrans walking around oblivious to the pop music renaissance happening under their nose, and I’ll try any hare-brained scheme to bring it to their attention.

(the above photos feature Waterford, Julia Johnson, Fun Machine, The Ellis Collective and Crash The Curb)

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