As Luke has already said in his previous Heartbroken Assassin post, this is the most ambitious project we’ve ever done. A ten-part Webisode series shot over ten days, one episode uploaded every day. Every episode including an original song, a scene of violence, and a cameo from at least one You Are Here festival artist and producer. Riskiest of all, I’m playing the lead role myself, drawing on the one week of acting school I did 12 years ago.

I had the idea for this a few days after You Are Here 2012. I was browsing through the racks of an op shop in Melbourne when it came to me, and I sent a text to our head producer Dave right there and then. I knew if I didn’t then I would definitely puss out.

So by the end of this fortnight we’ll have shot a ten-part musical action series set at an experimental arts festival. No sweat, right?

Oh, except two days ago I injured my knee pretty badly during the bronze medal match at Australian Wrestling Championships. I’m quite sure it’s the meniscus but I can’t get into a Physio until the Canberra Day long weekend is over. Either way, I can’t straighten my left leg.

How will this impact on the epic saga of the Heartbroken Assassin? Starting this Friday, you will find out!

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