Monthly Archives: August 2012

I popped in to 2XX to spruik The Slimer Sessions on LocalNLive this afternoon.  I brought Leon in some Bluffhearts – he played Poverty Line, and we chatted about that as well.

On after me were Finnigan & Brother – I managed to catch most of it driving home.  Theirs is heady stuff – makes me feel cool and potent, and fills me with a desire to both pick flowers and pick fights.

Tonight I assisted Joel in running NERD TRIVIA at The Phoenix.  Or El Lukio did anyway.  It’s not the first time I’ve worn the mask in public – it makes regular appearances at Babyfreeze gigs – but it’s the first time post One Pot Punk Rock, and in character as El Lukio.  Hope to be able to do it more often.

It also marks the first time El Lukio’s gotten paid!


Friday just gone marked a successful end to 2xx’s fundraising campaign, which will result in all kinds of sweet online content for ACT artists. MC duties were prosecuted by science-fiction-sex themed hip hop act Trendoid and Alphabet. In keeping with recent custom I joined them onstage for a few feature verses, specifically on the tracks ‘Intergalactic Glory Hole’ and ‘Alien Rectum’.


20120828-153435.jpgPhotos by Adam Thomas.

The Seasonally Affected Sessions are these beautiful little acoustic gigs run by Sam King on Sundays in the wintertime. Corroboree Park Scout Hall is a warm and cozy venue that fits a hundred people very comfortably and has a little kitchenette where they sell mulled wine and homemade food.

Seb and Jordan from Cracked Actor played as a duo, and my man Nick Peddle was drumming with his 8-piece Hug-Pop act Pocket Fox. I was doing my song-on-the-spot thing in the intervals.

Basically I get the crowd to yell out 15 words and then I have until the next interval to write a song that has all the words in it. Then I perform it straight away.

This time I had such evocative words as ‘appalling’, schizoid embolism’ and the ever-popular ‘penis’. Luckily Cammy T was there to hold up the lyrics for me and support me in his warm embrace.





I recently tasked the prop master for my b&w short film KITHARA to make a copy of Cesare’s knife from The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari.

And so he did!

To say I’m pleased would be an understatement.

The idea (while not made explicit in KITHARA) is that it’s the same knife – that the films take place in a shared universe.   Ultimately, I guess that means they are both figments of Francis’ imagination, a la St. Elsewhere.

More on KITHARA soon.