Monthly Archives: April 2014

Like Joan Didion, I write to know what I think. In that sense, this blog is an education. I also keep it to hold myself accountable, ensuring I stay busy enough to have things to post.

Hence it’s frustrating when I feel like I’m working but have little to show. I’m sitting on a couple of larger posts I can share shortly, but in the meantime here’s a snapshot of where I’m at.

  • I am presently writing the second issue of my ‘comic project’ (I need to have codenames for these yet-to-be-announced things). The second issue will complete the initial story arc and then I will be confident to start engaging artists.
  • I finished editing The Real about a month ago – like a first-time father, I reluctantly handed it to our sound mixer Tim Duck for him to work his magic. A few final touches (grading, titles) remain, but the plan is to complete it by June. And then from there… who knows? It’s sickeningly exciting.
  • When asked what makes a writer, Warren Ellis simply said, “someone that wakes up and writes every day”. His words were ringing in my ears over the couple of months since I’ve picked up a camera. I’ve been itching to get back in the game. Tom Woodward is an old friend (we’d share stages ten years ago) who has moved back to town – specifically, around the corner from my house. Drinking merlot on his balcony, we hashed out a film clip idea for a song he just recorded. It won’t be released until June but he’s graciously cleared me to share these frames.

Tom Woodward Luke McGrath Tom Woodward Luke McGrath

I shot and edited the clip this week – I’ll write more about the concept and its execution when it’s officially released. I’ve also taken a couple of meetings with a Canberra band about directing their debut clip – the idea I’ve pitched them is on another level again, and promises to be our best yet.

  • Faux Faux Amis have some big news I’ve been sitting on, but can share soon. This at least does have a code name – ‘FFA X’.
  • And finally, it was my pleasure to film Beth n Ben performing their live debut album last night. It’s an odd but welcome change to film something and not have to edit it. I was trying to imagine the edit in my mind (there were five camera operators including myself, plus GoPros and other gear dotted around the venue), and by sheer volume of choice, it’s going to be a challenge.

In three hours now, I board a plane for Amsterdam – see you when I get back!