Nick and Luke met ten years ago and have been collaborating ever since, both on the stage and on the page.

Together, they produced the 10-part webisode series Heartbroken Assassin (as part of You Are Here 2013),  the ScreenACT Short:Seasons winning film Lights, and a bunch of cool video clips.  They’re recently completed a TV pilot (The Real) which is currently seeking distribution.

Luke McGrath

As a musician, Luke has played and written songs for Faux Faux AmisBabyfreezeThe Missing Lincolns,  Shine TartsThe BluffheartsKing Handsome Luke and Cool Weapon.

As an internet media czar, he is responsible for the cooking webseries One Pot Punk Rock, and Canberra music showcase The Slimer Sessions.

As a writer, his work has featured in VICE, Popmatters, BMA and The Place. He has also written three TV pilots, two feature screenplays, a murder mystery musical, and several comic scripts (available on request).

Contact Luke at lukeshanemcgrath_at_gmail_dot_com.

Nick Delatovic

As a musician, Nick plays and writes songs for PROM, The Missing Lincolns, Babyfreeze, Cracked Actor and Trendoid and Alphabet.

As a writer and producer, he’s mounted show’s including Rig, The Last Prom and his current one-man sci-fi cabaret musical Bomb Collar.

Since 2011 Nick has been one of the people who runs You Are Here, Canberra’s festival of experimental and emerging art.


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