Monthly Archives: September 2012

Uploaded the first One Pot Punk Rock with a guest host/cook.  El Christo really gave a whole new energy to the shoot.  I think sporadic guests are going to be a mainstay for that very reason – it keeps it fresh for us.  There’s at least one in the pipeline, so stay tuned…


The Last Prom took a 2-day break from readying our stage show to go to Sydney and record. We worked on two singles, ‘Half In Shadow, Half In Light’ and ‘Whatever I Want, All The Time’.


We cut straight onto tape at Linear Studios, which is where Family Pets by Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens (my favourite record by an ACT band!) was recorded.





A summer release date is most likely, but of course they’ll be regular updates here.


Getting the hang of these webisodes.  You know you are in a good place when each subsequent one becomes your favourite.  The trick will be to maintain the momentum.  And then go after the book deal…


The Missing Lincolns played a set for Live’n’Local at The Bootleg Sessions on Monday. It’s about our fifth gig since the inclusion of Josh ‘Lovedozer’ Chaffey on bass, and we already can’t imagine how we got by without him.


We played a bunch of crowd favourites from the last record like Guitar Fighter and Majordomo, plus a swathe of upstarts in contention for our upcoming 2013/14 release.


Thanks to Massive Johnson for her exemplary visual art support, as usual. Photos by the immortal Adam Thomas.