Over the last couple of days, we filmed and edited “ The Public Service Announcement”.  It’s a long-gestating idea, suggested by my focus group/work colleagues (who all vociferously use hand sanitizer several times a day).  It took some time to find a way in – I didn’t want to do a bland direct to camera monologue, and eventually found inspiration in Mr. T’s PSAs and raps, intended to “reach the kids”.

In these irony-drenched postmodern times, the cringe factor is almost unbearable.  We tried to capture its tone, to keep it as sweet and sincere as possible.  If ours has its share of irony, it’s only what the viewer brings to it – on face value, it’s just as genuine and heartfelt.

For our shortest video, there’s several firsts.  In particular, we experimented with green screen effects – I wouldn’t say completely successfully, but we learnt a lot.  If we can bring down the amount of time they added to the shoot, I’d like them to become a regular fixture.

Green screen fail

We’re taking a short break from filming, and exploring some promo opportunities (a photo shoot, vinyl stickers, a live cooking demonstration, as well as further “online penetration”).  I’ll also use this time to script the next two episodes in conjunction, allowing us to set-up gags in one episode that pay off in the next (which we do now, but the possibilities are greater with a little premeditation.  There’s times we’ve thought, “if only we had this extra bit with a guest chef” or the like).

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