Things have happened quickly since I last posted about Sunshine Sally.  Then, I was 70% happy with the demos – that figure’s now hovering around 90%.  I’ve trimmed two songs, bringing the total to 12.  I’ve also re-recorded some of the demos, swapping out my vocal placeholders for the melodies on guitar or keyboard.  Sonically, it’s now consistent.

Sunshine Sally

It’s definitely a soundtrack by a pop musician – there’s no swelling orchestral arrangements or avant-garde electronic flourishes.  The closest comparison I could make is to Badly Drawn Boy’s About A Boy soundtrack -wistfully upbeat, acoustic-driven pop, with a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks.

Sunshine Sally

The band will be billed as ‘SHINE TARTS’ – it’s an ocker term from the movie (not actually in my edit), meaning a ‘good sort‘ or ‘top bird’ or the like.  We start rehearsals this week.  Part of the challenge I set myself was to work with people I’ve never played with before.  It’s an eclectic group, and I can’t wait to get in the room and see what we can cook up.

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