The inaugural Shine Tarts rehearsal took place tonight – we were down two members, but still had a core crew (which can only happen when you have a six-piece band).  My doubts were washed away almost immediately – the songs are not complicated, but I was still impressed with how effortlessly everybody picked them up, and how quickly it sounded like a band.  This is going to be amazing.

We ran the entire set, and while there were a few standouts, everything sounded good.  I also got a sense for the sound of the actual band, as a separate entity, discrete from the idea of it in my head.  It’s funkier than I imagined, a bit tougher, and jammier.  Which is all great.

There’s plenty of tweaking to be done, and I’m anticpating some drama synching to the film.  But right now, I’m psyched, and very pleased with my choice in bandmates.

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