I just returned from two weeks driving around New Zealand’s South Island.  I packed the mask and jumper, and with nothing open on Christmas Day, we found ourselves with time to kill.

It was the easiest shoot we’ve done – we didn’t have to worry about lighting, and the dish is simple (but delicious).  Even more fun was shooting the dancing bits at NZ landmarks – waiting ten minutes for a quiet moment at Franz Josef Glacier, so you can slip on a pink mask and do a jig, is a surreal situation.  Whenever we’re filming, Lou and my oft-quoted mantra is, “this is what normal people do.” Patently untrue, but it reassures us enough to get through.

That’s ten episodes of One Pot Punk Rock in the can now.  The production has reached a level I’m satisfied with – my next goal is increasing their popularity.  Marketing and promotion have always been where I’ve let myself down.  Every band I’ve been in sucks at it, which is shameful, because I’ve known for years that it is at least 50% of the ‘success’ equation.  A good product has never been enough.  Waiting on a record deal, or for something to go viral, is to wish upon a star.  I still don’t know what the answer is, but it’s time to stop dumping it in the ‘too hard’ basket.

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