With Christmas done and dusted, I wanted to share the videos we shot for our Babyfreeze Christmas EP.

The first was Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight).  This was the only one that maintained the black and white, moody/creepy visual aesthetic we’d begun this year.  Like everybody, I’d dug the Way To War video a hell of a lot, and wanted to have a crack at something similar.  Adding a Christmas theme seemed a delicious subversion.

Shopping centres are desperation magnets at the best of times, and feel even sadder at Christmas. The Another Lonely Christmas video was a two hour shoot at the Canberra Centre.  I wasn’t sure if we were going to be escorted out at any point, but after filming for twenty minutes undisturbed in Top Bargain, our confidence grew.  People kept apologising for walking into shot, which was exactly what we’d hoped for.  This video was the most fun to edit, in no small part to due Nick’s touching performance.  I’m also extremely pleased with the music production on this – the others veer away from the quote-unquote Babyfreeze Sound, but this one is absolutely perfect.

Which brings us to Christmas Number One – we filmed this minutes after playing The Phoenix (the first shots were in the carpark behind the pub – I put the guitar in the car and took out the camera). Nick had the concept in his head, and roped in the extras.  It’s got mad energy, likely because of the speed of the shoot.  I don’t think this took more than an hour, which is how I like to do it – there’s no wasted reels, everything we shot made it into the video.

It was a tremendous challenge given the time constraints (I was headed overseas – I had to leave the videos uploading on my computer when I dashed to the airport).  That said, I’m already excited about the possibilities for next year.

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