The Great Christmas Single-Off

As you Guys know I always prefer art to be a competition. Just one reason that I get along so well with the guys from Finnigan and Brother, and when they challenged me to take part in a Christmas Single competition (alongside some of my favorite members of the ACT Musical Diaspora) I lept at the chance to add Christmas to the list of things that I could compete in.

The above playlist has all of the entries. Finnigan and Brother’s drop a warm-hearted anthropological ragga primer for the suburban Australian Christmas. Julia Johnson and Reuben Ingall weaponise their childhood memories for a tactical assault on your heart. The Norah Jones Half Hour drop the best ending of any track I heard in 2016. Sallow doesn’t care about your precious illusions. Double Infinite Peace are the supergroup who formed just to win this competition, but were probably trumped by the last-minute reformation of rap-based internet monopoly The Landlords. Then there’s my entry, Merry Christmas (LCD) where I easily created a unifying theory for the whole of 2016 and made it rhyme. Not that I’m saying I won. I’ll leave that for others to say.


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