Cracked Actor Hollywood

Very chuffed to link to this post- from Mess and Noise about Hollywood, the second single form the forthcoming Cracked Actor record.

Cracked Actor is the only band I’m in that I don’t write or Frontman (I play bass) for so I kind of feel like as much a fan of the band as a member.CA’s illustrious singer/writer Seb has always been a widescreen-vision type of guy but he’s outdone himself on this new album. I’ve never worked with anyone who’s been able to contain such a complex and specific (and excellent) vision across all the metrics of recording (song, arrangement, performance, production) and keep it so close to what he wants. He and our drummer/sonic know-it-all Graham have been sweating the details of this one for almost a couple of years now (ably abetted by Producer-To-The-ACT-Stars Sam King) and unlike a lot of records that take this long I feel like you’ll hear every moment of care on the finished article. These guys are also the most ruthless song editors I’ve ever worked with, which has had a big influence on my own writing.

The link has all the info about our little single tour that;s happening over the next six weeks. If we’re playing close-by to you please drop in and say hello!


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