Crack LogoHi, Nick here. I can ONLY start to do anything good when I have a deadline, are you guys like that? I’m usually pretty good at hitting deadlines too. That’s about to be put to the test like never before.

Crack Theatre Festival has accepted my pitch for a one-man show called Bomb Collar. I’m going to be performing it there on the October long weekend. Crack has put on some of my favorite artists that I’ve ever seen, so it was a real dance-around-the-loungeroom moment when they let me know. On top of that, this is a story idea I’ve been sitting on for quite a while so it’s a surreal delight to be hooking into it at last.

The other side of it- I pitched the IDEA to Crack. Yes, I’ve thought this show through a lot. A LOT. But I haven’t written a word yet. So I have 5 months-ish to write a 50-minute show built around 9 original songs, rehearse it while collaborating with someone on my very specific and strange ideas for production design, and work out a delivery system for the music. Have I mentioned that this is my first ever attempt at a one-man show?

Lick-Nuke readers, this blog will be your world-exclusive opportunity to watch me travel further under the hammer over these next few months as I pursue a very wacky concept that is very very important to me. Thanks in advance for your support.



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