Heartbroken Assassin is part of the multimedia blitz that is You Are Here. Without divulging too much, it’s a webisode series – part musical, part blood splattered action flick – that takes place over the course of the festival, using its performers as actors, and its events as plot points and backdrops. Because we’re fond of a challenge, we’ll be releasing an episode a day – it’s like a 24 hour film challenge… TIMES TEN.

Recognising how long filming, editing and uploading will take each day, we’re doing what we can ahead of time. Yesterday, my recording studio/spare bedroom became a revolving door – actors and singers, trumpeters and drum programmers. Often they were the same people – Nick’s co-songwriter for the project is also our fight coordinator (our friends have many talents). We spent six hours hammering down the musical bedding. The episodes are short, thus so are the songs, and we knocked over 80% of what we need. It’s purposefully raw (a counterbalance to the music’s melodrama) but I’ll still spend a fair bit of time mixing and adding instrumental embellishments.

We also filmed a scene that doesn’t take place at a festival event. That leaves two more we can film in advance and then it’s All. Systems. Go.

It’s the most ambitious thing Nick or I have shot, and aside from the The Last Prom promos, our first filmed narrative work. Yippie kay yay.

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