My brother graciously laced up a mask to star in what (I think) is our best episode so far.  It was hilarious to edit and discover all the scene-stealing shenanigans going on behind my back.  What’s more, the twist at the end (Jarito’s idea), sets us up with plenty of gags upon his (hopefully soon) return.

It’s exciting to look back and see the growth the show’s had in three months.  I know it’s only an internet cooking show, but it’s one with its own story-world, which grows with every episode – new characters, catchphrases, callbacks, sound and visual motifs.  Can’t wait to witness what directions the next seven episodes take!

Big shout-out to our executive producer (and camera operator) Louise – each shoot gets more elaborate, but she’s climbing that learning curve like a drug-pumped Lance Armstrong up a French hill.

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