Late last year, independent media figurehead and Canberra luminary John Griffiths asked if I’d do a theme for a podcast based on the Winchester murder. John has been an advocate of my stuff for a minute, and I was chuffed he thought of me. The brief was lean – ‘something gloomy and late 80’s early 90’s sounding’ – and I turned it around in a day or so, built from the bassline out. It was a great experience – I’m comfortable with short songs, but 10-20 seconds is another level again, and it’s fun fitting a beginning, middle and end into such a bijou package.



The Winchester podcast is yet to be released, but when I saw John was doing Totally Tanked I offered my services. Again the brief was straightforward – ‘Boom! Crash! Aargh! Oh My God The Tank is on fire! Zoom!’ – and I decided on a full 180 from the contemplative instrumentation of the last one and to go full-on punk rock with it. The drums are programmed – I haven’t got an easy way to record my own drums yet – but draw on all my live experience this year. Listen here! And hit me up if you’ve a podcast in need of a theme!



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