Nick here, saluting you from Sunnyish Serbia! I’m here for a 3 weeks as artist-in-residence for KC Grad, a simply delightful multi-arts venue who are acting as my patron and guide to the wonders of my grandfathers’ culture.
So this is the first time I’ve had to resort to taking my own photos on an arts trip, and my shortcomings have swiftly become apparent, as this poorly framed shot of Tvoje Lice Mi Je Pozano, the currant KC Grad installation work, attests:

 I’m here to train with a Serbian wrestling club, write about the experience and interview the wrestlers, as research for a multi-year theatre project. I know that may sound like I’ve used my status as a theatre-maker to wrangle a cheap wrestling camp for myself, but I assure you that that’s only part of what’s going on here. This will likely be the most personal project I’ve ever done, and considering how self-indulgent my art usually is that’s saying something.

The indie-arts scene here is vibrant and unique, and I’m trying to see as many gigs and events as my post-training fatigue will allow for. So far my hot music tips are an electro act called Lira Vega and a wonderful experimental noise artist called Svetlana Maras. I’ll do another update toward the end of my trip, providing I survive training!

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