On Friday, Faux Faux Amis played the opening party for the Ainslie Arts Centre. It was a chance to share our new projection visuals. Here’s a teaser:

The soundtrack is a portion of Good Night, time-stretched to 12% of its original speed.

Kev has a rotating disco light he sometimes takes to gigs – when I asked him to bring it to the shoot, he went all-out and borrowed an additional two multi-colour scanner units. We ran all three concurrently while dancing to the Chemical Brothers . Layering the film and dissolving between takes adds to the Exploding Plastic Inevitable feel, psychedelic and unsettling. I also drew Ruffmercy-style onto some of the footage. The result is relentless, patterns and faces and colours in a constant neon swirl, a nightclub from a Winding Refn flick.

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