Cracked Actor is the band I play bass in. It’s the only band that I don’t write for, and so it’s my only creative project that I feel comfortable talking about as if I wasn’t in it. As such, I’m comfortable saying that our new album, which is called Iconoclast, is totally excellent and you should get a copy right now. You can do so here- https://hellosquare.bandcamp.com/album/iconoclast

It’s certainly me that you can hear playing the bass parts on the record, but in reality I can’t take much credit for the finished product. Primary credit goes to the production crew of Sam King and Graham Thompson (who is also our drummer) and above all the alarmingly consistent creative vision of Seb, the singer/songwriter/prime mover behind everything that the band is.

Here- https://vimeo.com/116835140 – is the promo video to Start As You Mean To Go On (the album’s closing track), which features Seb in an isolated context which for me works as a neat metaphor for the album making process. I’ve been right in that same spot, pushing an artistic vision uphill, assisted by wonderful people but always at the mercy of elusive thing that you can hear in your head, not knowing if you’ll succeed in getting it all the way through to something that exists in the world. The run on nature of that last sentence gives you an impression of the mindset I often end up in, and Seb is far more exacting with his creative vision then I’ve ever been.

This has been over two years of Seb’s life, all our lives, but the proof of the pudding is here for all to listen to. This is very likely the most successful artistic endeavor I’ve ever been a part of, and it’s been a wonderful thing to tour these songs around Australia in the last few weeks.

If you want to keep apprised of our live shows you can do so here- https://www.facebook.com/CrackedActorAus. If you want a hard copy of the record get in touch with us through our page or just come to a gig!

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