Take A Chance On Murder

Preparations for L’Assassiner de Faux Faux Amis continue apace. As I wrote last time, the band is an amalgam of Faux Faux Amis and some special guests. I’m happy to announce those new inductees into FFA are Josh Buckler (Moochers Inc., Beth’n’Ben)…

Josh Buckler

Alice Cottee (No Hausfrau, Glitoris)…

Alice Cottee

and Nathan Gubler (The Blade Winner, The Sinbirds). Not only is Nathan performing with us, he’s also written a 1/4 of the songcycle.

The Blade Winner

Photos by Bron King, Jem Nativdad, and Adam Thomas respectively.

What a classy bunch of people!

The book (and songs) are now finished – Mel, Kev and I had our first rehearsal of the tracks last weekend. This Wednesday is our first table reading with everyone. Exciting times!

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