The first three FFA X videos have been completed!

This clip is a collaboration between Matthew Borneman and myself. Matt spent time in London working in the fashion industry (for photographer Mario Testino no less), and really wanted to do a clip lampooning the “fashion film”. I wasn’t even aware there was such a genre, but Matt gave me a quick education on Youtube. The arty angles, endless credits, talcum powder and gauze netting were all directly lifted from fashion films (and Matt’s brain).  The idea is FFA is merely the soundtrack to a fake auteur’s masterpiece – in going along with the conceit we created a new Youtube account and uploaded it anonymously. I love how it gets into a groove in the first thirty seconds or so, and then is crammed with another three setups in the final half, each more preposterous than the last.
This clip is by Danny Wild of ZONKVISION. I met Danny at You Are Here 2014, where he curated a mini-festival of one minute films. Danny’s style – and interest in brevity – seemed a natural fit. This slacker-fi gem latches on to the songs’s refrain “take me away from here”, presenting a world full of teleportals in innocuous public spaces.
Mel had the idea to shoot a karaoke based clip. Originally, the band was to perform it in a karaoke booth. I thought it might be fun to have a couple of kids (my nieces!) stumble upon the song on SingStar. As you’ll see, it emerges from a mystic Gameboy, which gave me the chance to indulge in some 8-bit design. And Stan makes an appearance, trainspotters!

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