BC FireplaceOkay, the preview showing of Bomb Collar was last night (I ran it through in front of 30 good friends as a way to get past my nerves and see where it’s at). It debuts 9.30 this Saturday night as part of Crack Theatre festival. So I guess it’s time to reveal what the hell it is!

Bomb Collar is, for want of a better term, a one-man science fiction cabaret show. It stars yours truly as The Last Singer On The Face Of The Earth, in a dystopian future where mankind is genetically recessive and traits like musical ability have eroded away. He is giving a concert for the revolutionary army who keeps and protects him, but he still bears the legacy of a violent tragic past in the form of an explosive that’s stuck around his neck. He could, in fact, explode at any time..

I’ll get in-deep about the whole show and my process on the other side of Crack, but suffice to say that a one man show is above and beyond any challenge I’ve previously set for myself. It’s been super-daunting, and last night’s performance showed up a bunch of stuff that still needs work (thanks to my savvy and generous preview audience!) but it was also a lot of fun to do and I’m raring to see how it goes over with an experimental theatre crowd.

If this comes off it’ll be down to the amazing efforts of director/dramaturg Emma MacManus, music producer/arranger Sam King, and the incredible team of Paul Heslin and Adam Thomas who have built the very unique sound and light rig for the show.

Above photo by my friend Ali Goward. Come see me this weekend if you can, otherwise I’ll see you back here!

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