photo (2)Here are some candid snaps I took of PROM’s latest recording weekend. Not pictured: me cutting vocals with a chocolate milk in hand.

photo (1)This was our second time at Linear, but our first time working with engineer Nick Franklin, who you might know via his own group The Metal Babies. Nick was a dream to work with and a great help when it came to massaging the arrangements for our next two singles, Number and No-One Can Here My Love.

We were a whole bunch tighter than our first hit-out in the studio and the two days gave us plenty of time to sweat the details. Recording Number was a particular thrill for me as that song is years old, finally having a fully-realized version on my Ipod will be totally sweet.

We recorded to tape, which was a first for me. I’m nobodies’ audiophile but I liked how ‘mixed’ the initial takes already sounded, it made the overdubbing a breeze.

PROM now have our next three singles ready to go. Julia will be living in Berlin for pretty much the rest of the year which gives us plenty of time to plan and stagger launches, as well as get some videos done. Watch this space for all your PROM news!photo

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