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The latest PROM Spectacular was took place at The RUC  the other night. We’re still trying to make every gig a high-concept party, and Julia had the idea this time for a gender-blending theme.

As is my want, I tied myself in knots trying to make sure that the event was pitched as a celebration of gender-performance ambiguity rather than an offensive night of trans-tourism. God knows if I succeeded, but here’s the event page copy for your reference:

‘Life-Livers! The Canberra Musicians Club and your friends at PROM are sick of the binary norms that rule our dance floors. We aim to turn the Turner Bowls into a sweaty cauldron of diasporadic dance! Grapevine up and down the Kinsey scale to the an identity-fluid line-up of bands and DJs!
Whether you’re an LGBT MVP or the star of CIS: Miami we want you to come and explode your gender performance in every direction. Dress code: anything that defies easy definition!’


That copy was drafted with assistance from some far greater minds than myself, who I shall refrain from naming lest their brilliance be conflated with my limitations. Julia made the poster- one of the funnest parts of doing this show was doing an old-school postering mission for the first time in ages!

Whether we hit the brief or not, I think we played well and the (smallish) crowd came hard with the wild outfits and dance moves. 

Huge love to our support acts, especially Chris Endrey for his tireless pushing of live-gig-as-discourse and Danny Wild for his peerless taste in dancefloor bangers,

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