You Are Here finished last week.  I had a blast – this year I:

  •          Competed every day for ten days in the Artists Olympics (placing second overall – woo!)
  •          Performed (with Faux Faux Amis) at Free Music For Rich Kids
  •          Had  a film (my 2nd short) screened at Zonk Vision’s One Minute Film Festival
  •          Guested on the panel ‘Should You Art For Free?’

Twister - You Are Here - Luke McGrath

Photo by Adam Thomas

Which sounds like a lot, but compared to last year, was a breeze.  What’s more, without having to dash home to edit every night, I got to experience more than any other year.  Not including the many things I part-caught, I saw Unsex Me, I Sold My Soul For Rock’n’Roll And I Didn’t Charge It Anything, Glitoris, gRage with Anja Loughhead, In Canberra Tonight, Hexidecibel, Lady Lolz and The Mayfly Project.

I’d like to thank the producers, including Nick, for curating another amazingly diverse selection of works.  It is one of my favourite times of year, and I have made and cemented so many friendships through my participation.

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