Prom Fish-EyeThe gigging year has started in earnest: Myself and the cats from Prom had our first 2014 show at the Phoenix (thanks to the lovely and effusive crowd and to Adam Thomas for the above shot) and Luke followed suit a week later with Faux Faux Amis.

We’re playing together with Babyfreeze tonight, but that’s just a precursor to a very cheeky experiment taking place tomorrow: Prom, Babyfreeze and Faux Faux will be playing as one Lick-Nuke super bill on our own stage at the first annual West Bank Festival.

The festival is the brainchild of the Canberra Musicians Club, who asked me top put together a ‘pop’ stage around Prom. Programming only Luke and my acts started out as a joke, but the fact is that the recent awesome shows by incestuous local record label Cinnamon Records has led me to a place called Why Not?

If you think this is going to be the most self-indulgent night of my life, just know that it was going to be worse. Cracked Actor were going to be playing the festival too, on another stage, but in awful friend-of-mine news he’s messed up his knee and can’t drum. I guess I’ll have to settle with only playing three sets in two days. For a Canberra muso that’s practically semi-retirement.

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