Faux Faux Amis convened today to shoot our latest concert projection.FAUX FAUX AMIS

FAUX FAUX AMISFAUX FAUX AMISThe last two projections have consisted of found footage, which I’ve previously described as “kaleidoscopic pop-art sensory overload” (“tumblr vomit” works fine too). For this new piece, I wanted something cleaner.FAUX FAUX AMISFAUX FAUX AMISWe cribbed some moves (and attitude) from Jørgen Leth’s 1967 film The Perfect Human (which like most people, I discovered via the excellent The Five Obstructions). There’s a stillness and formality to it that’s quite seductive. It’s the kind of imagery that might normally accompany glacial minimalist electronica.  How it will marry up to our garage-punk racket is something I’m looking forward to discovering.

FAUX FAUX AMISAfter shooting it, the beautiful close-ups put me in my mind of Dreyer’s Joan Of Arc. Which was never the intention – I just like faces. When I used to paint/stencil, faces were all I would do. The first music video I shot, and the last (the soon-to-be-released next single from Fun Machine), are composed almost entirely of head shots. It’s an idée fixe I doubt I’ll ever work out of my system.  And of course, the telegenic charms of Chris and Kev cannot be overstated.

FAUX FAUX AMISFAUX FAUX AMISThe projection will again be synced to Chris’ kick drum pedal.  In essence, it will be a music video where each edit is randomised.  No two viewings will be the same – how cool is that?FAUX FAUX AMIS

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