Nick here! It was my idea for Babyfreeze to join up with our pals Coolio Desgracias (Old-School Hip Hop Illegal Sample King of Queanbeyan) and Trendoid & Alphabet (Sexually Explicit Sci-Fi Rap Swag-units) to form a massive posse show. I got the notion right after Coolio got a bunch of us in to do verses on his track ‘You Got Papped’ from his record ‘My Private Jet’. That sense of a burgeoning alt-hip-hop scene, however small (and however loosely Babyfreeze could ever qualify as Hip Hop) was the perfect excuse to live out my Wu-Tang fantasy.

We almost fell at the first hurdle: choosing a posse name. Tiger Uppercut and #canadianspacepregnancy were among the contenders but the night came without us having settled on anything. Luckily Coolio, true to form, had a new record ready: a collaboration with the inimitable Housemouse called Six Joints
And so the gig became primarily an EP launch with the Gang Show aspect somewhat backgrounded. Irregardless, we jumped all over each others business, myself performing my guest verses on T&A’s Intergalactic Glory Hole and Alien Rectum and the whole gang jamming on Babyfreeze track Water Is No Liar, among other chaotic collabs.
It was a great night and a great start. Special shout out to Coolio Degracias for his endless hustle and tireless creative output, which now includes his unilateral naming of our posse: Northside Swag Unit. Photos of said Unit in action by Adam Thomas.


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