After writing a few episodes for my cousin/writing partner Jason McGrath’s show Crooks, I decided to strike out on my own.

The Real

The Real is a sitcom set in a suburban real estate agency.  It’s been likened to Parks And Recreation, and that gives you a good idea of its format and tone.

I’ve written two full episodes, a season outline, and a synopsis. But with no contacts in the industry, that’s as far as it’s gone.  Through Jason, it’s passed under the eyes of a couple of producers, who were interested but have remained non-committal.  I attended SPAA Fringe last year, but mainly met other writers and directors (which, to be honest, was mega-fun).  Everyone had a pitch or a story and was looking to take the next step.  Most were a few steps ahead of me, having either produced short films and/or worked on features.  It was a good introduction to what little industry Australia has, but I didn’t come away certain what to do next.

If there was a take-home message, it was if you want to get something out there, make it yourself.  After Heartbroken Assassin, we now have the confidence to do exactly that.

Nick and I are shooting the pilot episode as a ‘proof of concept’.  Which is to say, I don’t yet know whether it will be the final iteration, or solely used as a tool (like a script) to get meetings with production companies and networks.  Either way, having it shot will both demonstrate the show’s viability, and also our abilities as a writing/directing/production team.

Australia’s track record with sitcoms is not great, but with funny, clever shows like Please Like Me on the air, I feel we’re turning a corner.  I’d love to see The Real be a part of that.

We’re currently locking in the script, before looking to casting and locations.  Exciting times.

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