Over the last couple of nights, I’ve had to re-create my Sunshine Sally edit, at a higher resolution. All up, it’s taken about five hours (not including a couple of hours spent trying to figure out a workaround). A little frustrating, but there was a silver lining. When most of your musical pieces last between 30 seconds and a minute, a standard song can feel like a lifetime. I got to go back and tweak two of the longer scenes, cutting a minute’s worth of footage. It makes a huge difference to the film’s momentum, and will spare the band some needless repetition.

Sunshine Sally 'SHINE TART'

Rehearsals are going brilliantly – we’ve now covered over half the movie. The first half has a lot more turnarounds, so getting across the final half will be even quicker. From there, it’s a matter of playing it over and over and developing some muscle memories.

One month to go!

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