This year’s Corinbank festival was postponed by almost seven months due to Apocalyptic weather conditions, so there was a greater-than-average sense of anticipation leading up to the first weekend of December.

Corin offers an amazing, family-friendly setting in the forest and a host of awesome local and touring acts.


This was a bittersweet show for us, however. After almost five years of exemplary service, this was Nick ‘Nick Peddle’ Peddle’s last gig with Big Score. The rest of the scene has finally caught on to the fact that he’s one of the best drummers in the world, and he played with no less than six (!) different bands over the course of the festival. He’s now forced to strip his operation back to the bands that have the most career momentum, and a sketched-out jam act like Big Score definitely doesn’t fit the bill.

Nick, we set you loose into the greater world beyond, your wings still wet from the womb, your four eyes blinking from the glare of your own bright future. All the best, you Magnificent Son Of A Bitch!

Photos by A-Thom The Wonder Bomb!

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