I meet with the NFSA and You Are Here this Wednesday.  Since last time, I’ve pulled together a ‘first draft’.   It consists of 14 tracks – the longest is three minutes, the shortest is 10 seconds.  Save three ‘set pieces’, all of the music recurs or is revisited at least once over the length of the film.

Sunshine Sally

Presently, it’s all there but refuses to gell.  That’s partly because I recorded with whatever came to hand.  Some pieces are full midi compositions, mixed in Ableton; others are sung into a dictaphone, an unplugged Fender for accompaniment   Just having all the tracks played at the same quality should shore it up.   I’m also debating placing it all in the same key, for consistency’s sake.

Sunshine Sally - trainer

Originally, I intended the soundtrack to be entirely instrumental.  Seeing Harold And Maude this week changed my mind, and I’ve written two songs I’m extremely pleased to include.  At this stage, I’m happy with about 70%.  I’m prepared for changes once a band becomes involved, but mapping so much out this early gives me time to tweak, substitute, and make peace with tracks before even reaching the rehearsal room.

Sunshine Sally

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