I thought I’d write about the process behind an episode of One Pot Punk Rock.

It starts with an idea for a suitable dish – generally one from the repertoire I’ve acquired over the years (though that pool is rapidly depleting – I’m counting on suggestions!).  I’ll then research any fun facts or improvements I can make.  From there, I write a rough script, adding in gags, ideas for camera angles or fx, and finding the shape of the episode.  We didn’t do this for the first couple and it’s part of the reason they ballooned out – we now keep episodes under five minutes.  The script is subject to change while filming, but it gives us a head start.

Being a cooking show, we don’t have the luxury of filming out of sequence.  As a result, 99% of the episode is filmed in the order you see it.  Having to adjust/change lights, lenses and angles, from shot to shot, chews up a lot of time.  We start by dressing the set (i.e. cleaning the kitchen), lighting it (we use work-lights pitched at the ceiling, along with some smaller LEDs), and finalising wardrobe (picking the Ramones hoodie off the floordrobe and donning the mask).  A typical episode takes around three hours to shoot.   Most things need a couple of takes, as I sharpen my performance (and tweak the accent).  Some shots have needed eight or more takes, usually when the script is vague, or I have a brainfreeze and can’t move past a certain line.

Filming wrapped, we finally get to eat the spoils.  I won’t edit until the following day.  A trouble-free editing session takes around three hours (it’s been as high as six for some).  I’ll select the best takes and assemble them in my editor, then add in titles, transitions, sound effects, graphics, music and colour grading (a truly dark art which I only now feel I’m getting a grip on).  Sourcing music, graphics and sound effects also takes time.  Very little changes at this point, though I might cut gags that fell flat, or come up with other cues (the Crunchie graphic in this current episode being an example).

I’ll upload it overnight, and we’re on to the next one!

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