Monthly Archives: September 2012

Luke and I have big plans for our electro duo Babyfreeze going into ’13. As a warm-up we shot this little promo for our track Make Sense Of This Thing Between Us, which was produced by the inestimable Paul Heslin.

Videography by Luke, rolling out of bed twenty minutes before by Yours Truly.

We filmed DRILLBABY last night – the eighth act to grace the Slimer Sessions stage/back seat.  It was certainly the most ambitious shoot yet – the instruments included an iPad, mini-keyboard, an LED-equipped mask, several circuit bending toys, and a bulbul tarang.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.

It also gave us a chance to experiment with our new lighting rig, with fantastic results.

I had a meeting today at the National Sound & Film Archive regarding a project I can’t disclose yet (henceforth Project Z).  Suffice to say, it made me feel like a legitimate “creative”.  More to come.

In another shameless attempt to ride the coattails of other viral videos, we’ve made a ONE POT PUNK ROCK tutorial on how to separate egg whites from yolks.  It’s just under a minute, but manages to pack in a few gags.  Don’t ask how many eggs were used in its production.