Monthly Archives: September 2012


Last week was slow, but should be back up to full speed now – got a new One Pot Punk Rock (“The Peanut Soup”) to edit tonight, and plenty of Slimer Sessions to drop.

One Pot Punk Rock had its first media coverage late last week when it appeared as the lead story on RiotACT.  It generated some extra traffic, and one comment positing that it’s Kyle Sandilands beneath the mask.  I’ll have to book him for a guest appearance.

The Last Prom is a band/theatre show hybrid I’ve been developing for the last two years. We’ll be presenting the finished version of our show on the 10th of November, meaning the next 8 weeks of my life are about to get totally consumed by it.

The Antichrist, played by me as a colossal pop music nerd, decides to re-imagine the ritual of the Apocalypse as a Hollywood-style High School Prom, and refashions himself and The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse as the greatest pop band history has ever known.

In an effort to keep Armageddon on course, Death (played by Triple J Unearthed darling Julia Johnson) disguises herself as a mortal and sets out to break my heart. The show ends with the complete destruction of time and all existence.

I’ve got a script, a director, a production team, a shit-hot band and 10 all-new original songs that we’re frantically trying to learn. This is a bigger scale than anything I’ve attempted before and I’m quietly terrified, but thrilled to have pulled together such a great team.

Keep updated on the show here or at

We filmed DRILLBABY last night – the eighth act to grace the Slimer Sessions stage/back seat.  It was certainly the most ambitious shoot yet – the instruments included an iPad, mini-keyboard, an LED-equipped mask, several circuit bending toys, and a bulbul tarang.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.

It also gave us a chance to experiment with our new lighting rig, with fantastic results.

I had a meeting today at the National Sound & Film Archive regarding a project I can’t disclose yet (henceforth Project Z).  Suffice to say, it made me feel like a legitimate “creative”.  More to come.

In another shameless attempt to ride the coattails of other viral videos, we’ve made a ONE POT PUNK ROCK tutorial on how to separate egg whites from yolks.  It’s just under a minute, but manages to pack in a few gags.  Don’t ask how many eggs were used in its production.