The SAD Sessions

The Seasonally Affected Sessions are these beautiful little acoustic gigs run by Sam King on Sundays in the wintertime. Corroboree Park Scout Hall is a warm and cozy venue that fits a hundred people very comfortably and has a little kitchenette where they sell mulled wine and homemade food.

Seb and Jordan from Cracked Actor played as a duo, and my man Nick Peddle was drumming with his 8-piece Hug-Pop act Pocket Fox. I was doing my song-on-the-spot thing in the intervals.

Basically I get the crowd to yell out 15 words and then I have until the next interval to write a song that has all the words in it. Then I perform it straight away.

This time I had such evocative words as ‘appalling’, schizoid embolism’ and the ever-popular ‘penis’. Luckily Cammy T was there to hold up the lyrics for me and support me in his warm embrace.





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