Monthly Archives: October 2012

What better performer for our second night shoot than cultured vampire Marc Robertson? We had heaps of fun testing some mood(y) lighting.  Watch out for the glimmer of keyboard that flashes up in the back window around the 1.20 mark – pure cinema.

Last night I supported The Last Prom at their WAR-themed extravaganza.  Barring a couple of acoustic country sets pre-Bluffhearts, it was my first time solo.  I performed a mixture of old (Babyfreeze track Ghost Breath), new (dancehall jam King Handsome Luke), and in between (Cool Weapon track Invisible, with all new melody and lyrics).

It was a tremendous amount of work getting “gig-fit” with a new set, even if I was only practicing with myself.  Now I’ve ripped off the bandaid, I’m keen to do more.

Nick asked me to shoot a promo for The Last Prom’s penultimate show for the year.  Each gig this year has been based around one of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – this Saturday (October 13th) is War’s turn.

Nick had the idea to make it a lock ‘n’ load montage, and we had fun twisting that to suit a drummer… that’s getting ready for prom… AND is the living personification of War.

The below is from their last gig – I didn’t film it, but had big fun editing it.

Big Score, my loose-as-a-goose multi-singer-songwriter jam band played at the Phoenix on Monday night, to a crowd of equally loose long-weekenders

The band includes three of the best songwriters the ACT has going: Andrew ‘Drew Walky’ Walker, Beth Monzo (of Dub Dub Goose/Beth’n’Ben fame) and the gigantic showstopping voice and presence that is Cameron Ewens. Guitarist Jon Engel is the dynamo that got us going in the first place, and our truly incredible drummer Nick Peddle makes it all sound a lot better rehearsed than it actually is.




We’ve had a record in the works for a criminally long time, but for now it’s just a great great group to work out some tunes with.



The 13th of this month is the penultimate show in The Last Prom’s 2012 Apocalypse Sequence. It’ll be the last ‘gig’-style show and the last with our existing set of songs. The final show in November will feature 10 all-new numbers that detail the tragic love affair between Death and The Antichrist.

The theme of this show is War, so we’ll be decking out The Front Gallery to look like a fallout shelter. Luke is supporting under his King Handsome Luke guise, as well as The Sinbirds and the ever-amazing Dead DJ Joke.

Our last gig- The Nuclear Winter Ball- ended up being one of the funner dance parties I’ve ever been at, so I’m looking pretty forward to it.